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Our clients love to work with us because at The Golden Circle Marketing Incorporation, we genuinely try to solve their specific business needs. We seek to gain a thorough understanding of their business objectives to provide the best possible marketing solution for them.

Marketing as a whole can be divided into two broad parts - Direct marketing and Indirect marketing. Indirect marketing focuses on first gaining the trust of the brand’s potential customers. The primary purpose of indirect marketing is to grow your brand’s popularity and nurture potential customers to make smart purchasing decisions eventually. However, measuring the results of indirect marketing campaigns is tricky because they might not always be tangible. Also, indirect marketing is about building trust and that can be time-consuming.

For fast and better results, most companies prefer direct marketing techniques for their customer acquisition objectives and to facilitate genuine interaction with their buyers. Direct marketing simply means connecting with leads or reaching out to customers directly. Event marketing, TV commercials, experiential marketing, digital marketing, telemarketing, and email marketing are all examples of direct marketing. The data collected from direct marketing techniques are more measurable. For example, one can track the email response rate to analyze how effective the direct marketing strategy is and make alterations accordingly.

Direct marketing is one of the most preferred ways of reaching more customers, targeting your ideal audience, grabbing your customer’s attention, getting great response rates, increasing profits and tracking results. Whether you’re tempted to launch a 1-to-1 marketing initiative or want to provide a solution to a pressing issue, The Golden Circle Marketing Incorporation has the experience and the skill to get it done while adhering to tight deadlines and on budget with professionalism and precision.

The Golden Circle Marketing Incorporation offers Direct Sales & Marketing Job Opportunities across Scarborough, Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Milton, Georgetown, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Bolton, Nobleton, Schomberg, Markham, Caledon, Mono Road, Burlington, Hamilton, Guelph, Halton Hills, Erin, and the surrounding areas.